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The Concordance Pledge

I pledge to do my part in building a more harmonious United States and forming a more perfect Union by committing to a resolutionary approach to dialogue:

  • I pledge to listen to understand other people’s viewpoints and stories. I choose to withhold judgment or condemnation.
  • I pledge to refrain from blaming, name-calling, and other demeaning behaviors. I pledge to make an honest effort to see “the other side” as human and deserving of my respect and empathy.
  • I pledge to seek common values with people whose backgrounds and perspectives differ from my own.
  • I pledge to consider and research the facts of a situation or issue using reliable sources.
  • I pledge to be open to solving problems with creative solutions that meet the needs and values of everyone involved.
  • I pledge to bear in mind the costs to our country of continuing to engage in divisive politics.
  • I pledge to focus on building a kinder, stronger foundation for the future of America.
  • I pledge to share what I have learned with my friends, family, and neighbors.