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Join us at the Concordance Project for the third in a series of Resolutionary Events.

At the Concordance Project we believe there are a lot better ways of solving problems than fighting over them.
We think that one of the best ways to solve any problem starts with the respectful exchange of ideas.


That’s why we’d like you to join us for our third in a series of experimental and experiential evenings on healing the political divide. Once again, our topic will be on gun control.
Pro or con, where do you stand? We want to know!

Our first two events have been a overwhelming success. We’ve had folks pretty evenly spaced along the spectrum from “take your hands off my assault rifle” to “we’d be better off without any guns at all.”

We had a lot of different points of view, but we also had a lot in common:
we listened; we learned; we even laughed a little; and we all agreed that we need more of this kind of exchange of ideas and points of view.
So, we’re doing it again, Wednesday, May 23, 2018 from 7:00 to 9:30
Culver City, CA.

Here is some feedback from previous events.

Such important Work and a Wonderfully inspiring evening of sharing!  S.H 

Powerful event. It was challenging and rewarding to share space with people who held different views as we explored the gun issue and looked for common ground. Beyond our conflicts, I believe we are a country filled with people who are longing to connect with each other. If more of America could participate in an evening like this it would be very healing.  J.P.

A meaningful conversation has begun.  People on opposing ends of the continuum listened with genuine curiosity, came away with increased understanding, and a desire to continue the process to try to forge common ground.  Genuine connecting despite significant differences.  I look forward to deepening and widening the concordance between those who came last night and extending the conversation with many more.  R.G.

Thanks for instigating and hosting this lively event. It was a pleasure to meet and interact with all present and I look forward to more.  P.C.

Wonderful evening! Grateful to be a part of the dialogue and space for us to express ourselves.   B.S.

You will definitely want to join us on May 23rd, if:

1. You feel strongly about the need for gun control.

2. You are absolutely against any sort of restrictions on gun ownership or use.

3. You feel that some restrictions and regulations would be a good thing.

4. You’re not sure, but you would like to know more.

Most importantly, you should join us if you believe that the respectful exchange of ideas is a good way to start working on the many challenges we face as a nation.

Space is limited, so register now. There is no charge for the event.